Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update on Dalhusky, he really is yiffing in hell

yes I know this is old news, I just never gotten around to posting it here, so sue me, well anyways it seems that last december he has finally became an hero and killed himself, I have a funny video of what happened, (note, this is just a funny thing, this is not really what happened, its more or less a funny thing I found where you can make your own funny humiliation video to humiliate people) so when people told him to yiff in hell furfag, it seems they got their wish, because I thought this didn't come soon enough, I am sure that if anyone who has read my last rant on on Dalhusky, then you would know he is a dog fucker, but for those who don't know because they just read this and didn't get to my last rant on him, then this is why the entire fandom hated him, its because he gave furries a bad name by raping puppies, which is why he is a sick sick now dead son of a bitch, so Dalhusky, I hope your happy, I hope you like lava on your rock hard boner, because I am pretty sure thats what they are doing to ya down in hell.