Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Okay, looks like Dalhusky is not dead

well I know this may already be old news, but I don't always update this blog, I have updated my LJ more than my blogger, seems the dogmongler simply E-faked his death, he is now on therianart.com so he is not dead, if anyone wants to flame him, go to the site and given'em hell.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update on Dalhusky, he really is yiffing in hell

yes I know this is old news, I just never gotten around to posting it here, so sue me, well anyways it seems that last december he has finally became an hero and killed himself, I have a funny video of what happened http://www.invalidmob.com/humpd/2614/Dalhusky, (note, this is just a funny thing, this is not really what happened, its more or less a funny thing I found where you can make your own funny humiliation video to humiliate people) so when people told him to yiff in hell furfag, it seems they got their wish, because I thought this didn't come soon enough, I am sure that if anyone who has read my last rant on on Dalhusky, then you would know he is a dog fucker, but for those who don't know because they just read this and didn't get to my last rant on him, then this is why the entire fandom hated him, its because he gave furries a bad name by raping puppies, which is why he is a sick sick now dead son of a bitch, so Dalhusky, I hope your happy, I hope you like lava on your rock hard boner, because I am pretty sure thats what they are doing to ya down in hell.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


sorry for the lateness of my latest post, but I did manage to get all my yiffy art past my mom and stuff, though the cable guy did find a story I was writing and he saw one of the yiffy scenes, I just don't know how it wound up in the email field as he was setting up my ISP email <.< >.>. Though I am now settling in quite nicely in my new apartment. Now I simply have to drive all these blasted trolls off the internet, because they simply have little or no knowledge as to what is and isn't appropriate behavior and fails to realize that furries are people too, and that just because we use our imagination to create furry characters that we cease to be human and become subhuman at best, well for any trolls who read this in the future, we are NOT sub human, we are human beings with a better imagination then you do, so flake off and quit bitching and whining about us yiffing up teh internetz on you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ok dalhusky so you think raping dogs is ok

well your wrong, you can say "well I am wearing a husky costume in those videos so I don't know what your getting all pissed off about" well lets analyze your rather asinine comment, well when you put on your fursuit, do you look like an anthropomorphic animal, yes, do you act like an anthropomorphic animal while in it, yes, do you transform into an animal of anykind, anthro or otherwise, NO, thats the kicker, just because you look like an anthro husky, or act like one, you are not a husky and never will be, at least not in this lifetime, and judging on the amount of bad karma you gain with each dog and each puppy you rape, I highly doubt your coming back as a dog of any kind, (note, I am not Hindu or a Buddhist, I am agnostic and I do base some of my beliefs in Hinduism and Buddhism), you my friend would be lucky to even come back as a multi-cellular creature other than bacteria, heck even then becoming bacteria might be too good for you, you would most likely come back as an amoeba or something like that, so if you wish to come back as anything a shit load more evolved than an amoeba or a bacterium, then you might want to think twice before fucking another dog, you sick sick fucker.

Monday, November 12, 2007


you know what is much worse than the usual trolls you find on the internet, its Anonymous, man these asshats really make my hackles rise, the shit they do just makes me want to track each and everyone of them down and rip them a new one, I hate them so much, heck I have managed to infiltrate them I can not say what screen name I am using here, but if you want to discuss this further, I will have to give you my msn adress, but even then, I can't be too careless with with who I give it to, because for one thing I need to know if the person I am giving my address to is a furry, and not a troll in disguise, it has happened to me before, but I must know who I am giving it to, because it defeats the purpose if I give it to a member of anonymous, because I seriously can't let them know what alias I am using on youtube and other places that I am using it in, so I can't say too much here where other people may see my blog, I must use a more privet method where its just me, you and other furries if they are invited to the chat,

Saturday, November 10, 2007

*Sigh* I will be moving out of my parents soon

And my mom has been nagging me to clean my room, I hate cleaning my room ARRRRGH, it makes me want to rip my hair out and go absolutly batshit crazy, not to mention she wants me to do it right now, well she is fucking nuts to think I would do it right now, as the very idea of being forced into cleaning my room with no other alternatives sucks horse balls so much >:(, I know it has to be done sooner or later, but why now, why not when I am less busy, when I am ready to clean it, sometimes parental logic boggles my mind.

Kathera Lockharte the Ranting Gryphoness

Welcome, for those who know who 2 the ranting gryphon is, you would know that he does alot of rants and has lots of fans, I however am not trying to imitate him just because my fursona happens to be a Gryphon, or rather a Gryphoness , I am going to be coming up with my own material so don't come and make posts like "ZOMG TOTAL 2 THE RANTING GRYPHON RIPOFF" because for one thing, my name doesn't involve a number, using a name like 3 the ranting gryphoness, well it might be sort of borderline ripoff, but not quite. Like I said, I am going to be coming up with my own stuff so don't claim I am copying him, I might make a few referances but thats about it, I am just posting this now so I won't have to explain it all later should a loose cannon show up and start heckling me for being too much like 2 the ranting gryphon, because there are tons of ranting furs out there, and theres no reason why there can't be more than one ranting gryphon out there because there is no written or non written rule out there that says that there can only be one ranting gryphon that I know of.