Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kathera Lockharte the Ranting Gryphoness

Welcome, for those who know who 2 the ranting gryphon is, you would know that he does alot of rants and has lots of fans, I however am not trying to imitate him just because my fursona happens to be a Gryphon, or rather a Gryphoness , I am going to be coming up with my own material so don't come and make posts like "ZOMG TOTAL 2 THE RANTING GRYPHON RIPOFF" because for one thing, my name doesn't involve a number, using a name like 3 the ranting gryphoness, well it might be sort of borderline ripoff, but not quite. Like I said, I am going to be coming up with my own stuff so don't claim I am copying him, I might make a few referances but thats about it, I am just posting this now so I won't have to explain it all later should a loose cannon show up and start heckling me for being too much like 2 the ranting gryphon, because there are tons of ranting furs out there, and theres no reason why there can't be more than one ranting gryphon out there because there is no written or non written rule out there that says that there can only be one ranting gryphon that I know of.

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