Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ok dalhusky so you think raping dogs is ok

well your wrong, you can say "well I am wearing a husky costume in those videos so I don't know what your getting all pissed off about" well lets analyze your rather asinine comment, well when you put on your fursuit, do you look like an anthropomorphic animal, yes, do you act like an anthropomorphic animal while in it, yes, do you transform into an animal of anykind, anthro or otherwise, NO, thats the kicker, just because you look like an anthro husky, or act like one, you are not a husky and never will be, at least not in this lifetime, and judging on the amount of bad karma you gain with each dog and each puppy you rape, I highly doubt your coming back as a dog of any kind, (note, I am not Hindu or a Buddhist, I am agnostic and I do base some of my beliefs in Hinduism and Buddhism), you my friend would be lucky to even come back as a multi-cellular creature other than bacteria, heck even then becoming bacteria might be too good for you, you would most likely come back as an amoeba or something like that, so if you wish to come back as anything a shit load more evolved than an amoeba or a bacterium, then you might want to think twice before fucking another dog, you sick sick fucker.

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