Wednesday, December 12, 2007


sorry for the lateness of my latest post, but I did manage to get all my yiffy art past my mom and stuff, though the cable guy did find a story I was writing and he saw one of the yiffy scenes, I just don't know how it wound up in the email field as he was setting up my ISP email <.< >.>. Though I am now settling in quite nicely in my new apartment. Now I simply have to drive all these blasted trolls off the internet, because they simply have little or no knowledge as to what is and isn't appropriate behavior and fails to realize that furries are people too, and that just because we use our imagination to create furry characters that we cease to be human and become subhuman at best, well for any trolls who read this in the future, we are NOT sub human, we are human beings with a better imagination then you do, so flake off and quit bitching and whining about us yiffing up teh internetz on you.

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