Monday, November 12, 2007


you know what is much worse than the usual trolls you find on the internet, its Anonymous, man these asshats really make my hackles rise, the shit they do just makes me want to track each and everyone of them down and rip them a new one, I hate them so much, heck I have managed to infiltrate them I can not say what screen name I am using here, but if you want to discuss this further, I will have to give you my msn adress, but even then, I can't be too careless with with who I give it to, because for one thing I need to know if the person I am giving my address to is a furry, and not a troll in disguise, it has happened to me before, but I must know who I am giving it to, because it defeats the purpose if I give it to a member of anonymous, because I seriously can't let them know what alias I am using on youtube and other places that I am using it in, so I can't say too much here where other people may see my blog, I must use a more privet method where its just me, you and other furries if they are invited to the chat,

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Looks like someone is afraid of reality. No one in their right mind would be afraid of you and your pretend legions of furries. Anonymous isn't a collective with the ultimate goal of annilhating furries, just like trolls aren't a collective at all. A troll is someone who attempts to get a rise out of someone for their own amusement, and I imagine that hundreds of trolls are happy with the crazy rises most furries give when they're critisized on anything.